Introduction to “R” in Statistical Analysis and Data Science

Statistical Analysis and Data Analytics are getting more popular day by day. R programming language has gained a lot of popularity over the years because of it’s simple and easy to use approach after Python. R was created and developed by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman. The name “R” was partly derived from the first lettersContinue reading “Introduction to “R” in Statistical Analysis and Data Science”

5 Tips To Boost Your DSA Skills

These days most people are trying to learn new technologies, and a very few wants to stick to the foundation. Yes! I am talking about Data Structure and Algorithm (DSA) – the most basic skill to learn any software technology. It is a misconception that coding is all about learning new languages, new libraries, frameworksContinue reading “5 Tips To Boost Your DSA Skills”

A brief Introduction to Probability Distribution for Machine Learning

Probability Distributions are prevalent in many fields, namely, computer science, stock market, astronomy and economics. In this blog we are going to see different probability distribution for Machine Learning and their properties. Also, we will discuss key statistical points for the simple models. Note, all the discussion in this blog is based on the assumptionContinue reading “A brief Introduction to Probability Distribution for Machine Learning”