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Literature Review on You Only Look Once Model

We sees an image and instantly know what objects are in the image and where they are unlike machines. The human visual system is fast and accurate. Every AI researcher is struggling to find an efficient method for real time object detection. In 2015 researchers from Allen institute for AI, University of Washington, and Facebook […]

Introduction to Decision Tree

Decision tree is a non-parametric supervised machine learning algorithm, which can used for categorical as well as regression problem. A decision tree uses a tree structure to represent a number of possible decision paths and an outcome for each path. At each node, a question is asked and based on the answer of the question […]

Logistic Regression / Sigmoid Function

Logistic Regression is a Supervised Machine Learning Algorithm use for the classification problem. Now, you might wonder how regression can be use for classification problem. The reason is; it works on the principle of Simple Linear Regression. Logistic Regression is taken from the field of statistics, where it is used to categorize the classes into […]

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